Welcome to Judi's Creature Comforts

I'm Judi Rhoades, owner and groomer of Creature Comforts in Elmira, NY.  I provide care and grooming services for most breeds of dogs and cats -- including brushing, clips (hair cuts), bathing, nail trimming.

My goal is to provide high quality, affordable grooming to pets in a comfortable, safe environment.  I strive to provide one-on-one service that allows me to interact much more closely with each pet in my care. Experience has shown that older pets and very young pets respond especially well to this relaxed, less-stress-filled style of care.  I believe strongly that grooming should be a fun and enjoyable experience for both the pet and the groomer!

You and your pet both deserve more than just high-volume, "assembly line" grooming.  Ideally, each pet should feel pampered and special.  Good grooming is much more than just a luxury to a pet. Indeed, regular grooming has been shown to have significant health benefits as well.  

A good brush out along with a bath can help restore needed oils to the skin and coat and will help remove dead hair that otherwise winds up on your clothing and carpet.  

A close inspection by an experienced groomer can help detect subtle changes in the pet that the owner may not have noticed, such as problem skin conditions, parasites, tumors and changes in behavior that might indicate issues that may affect the pets long-term health and well-being.

I look forward to the opportunity to serve you and care for your beloved pets. Please call me for an appointment at (607) 735-0470.

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